Order of the Arrow LP/CD/Tape

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Image of Order of the Arrow LP/CD/Tape

Released by La Société Expéditionnaire on March 25th, 2014. Cassette tapes by Swan City Sounds & Hope for the Tape Deck.

1. Ahbinreedis
2. Speaking Portugese
3. Wide World
4. Real Song for Emily
5. Salvation Army
6. Pickin' Strawberries
7. Leedo Ceedo
8. Pinecones & Children's Gold
9. Hey! Mother Nature
10. From the End of August till the Start of May
11. Everyone I Love Is You

Reissued on 150-gram mint-splattered green & white vinyl in 2016. Includes free MP3 download card.

CDs & cassette tapes are sold out. Sorry kids.